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The DBeauty™ DB Browser is a tool for browsing, analyzing, and reporting on databases, connecting to databases, and building SQL queries that allow you to explore and report on your data. In the previous version, the DB Browser was known as the Knowledge Base, and can do some of the same things, but it has been rewritten to make the experience of browsing a database easier. The new DB Browser, DB Designer, is now included in the DBeauty™ database suite (DBT) for MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. DB Designer includes a menu driven GUI for Database Design, Report Builder, Query Builder, and Data Modeler.DBeauty has a very intuitive user interface and will allow you to do most anything related to your database in a few minutes. You can browse your database, access information about it, query it, modify information, generate SQL, and build reports.You can access and work with data in virtually any form, whether that data is in a SQL, Access, Paradox, Excel or any other format. The UI is extremely easy to use and can be mastered in minutes.You need to unzip you file and keep it next to the executable file (mainly) to be able to run it.You can download it from that link or from the below link:Download file: dbbeauty-9.01.0-mac-windows-get.zipHope this helps!If you have any problems downloading or using this software please email me at [email protected]You can get it from the following link: Download file: dbbeauty-9.01.0-mac-win.zipShare this postLink to postShare on other sitesThe latest version is v9. The key new features are "Advanced Groups" and "Advanced Search". These features may not be in the back-end - which is definitely in need of some work, based on the feedback I've gotten from users.I'd really like to see the existing version of DBeauty 4 upgraded to the latest version. DBeauty 5 was abandoned, and I'm not planning on 08929e5ed8

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